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Residential Duct Cleaning


The air ducts in your home are not always visible and can often get overlooked, so regular duct cleaning is important to help make sure that your home and family stay healthy.

Air ducts are responsible for carrying air from one room to another to ensure effective air circulation in your home. A considerable build-up and collection of dust, debris, micro-organisms and insects can occur in the duct work. This means every time you operate your heating and cooling system these germs can be blown throughout the house. Breathing this air can have serious health repercussions and risk the well-being of all who inhale it. That being said, if there is something in your air ducts, then it is in the air you and your family breathe each day.

man cleaning air duct vents

Why Do Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

It is particularly important that your duct system is inspected and cleaned regularly to make sure that they do not pose any significant fire or health risk at any time. Additionally, air ducts with any type of reduction in air flow can also influence the efficiency of your systems that will result in larger utility bills.

Shirley Air, Inc. offers complete air duct cleaning services to reduce and eliminate airborne pollutants and to improve the air quality of your indoor air. Our professional duct cleaning services also reduce allergens, including dust, mites, molds, mildew, smoke and dander that circulate through the ventilation system of your home. We also provide flexible time frames so that our cleaning team can take care of all the work without disturbing your daily routine. Our trained and experienced duct cleaning technicians will first check your duct system and then recommend a solution that is best suited to your needs.

Reliable Solutions

With the help of an experienced team and cutting-edge cleaning technology, we at Shirley Air, Inc. understand the importance of regular cleaning of your air duct system. In short, this means that we provide professional cleaning with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Although keeping the air ducts clean is extremely important, while on site we also check the duct work to see if it is in need of repair. In addition we also check to see if there are any leaks that need to be sealed. After our inspection we will review our findings with the home owner to see if they would like us to take care of any repairs and / or sealing that needs to be done while we are still at the property.

Call us today to get a customized solution for all your residential air duct needs.

man inspecting air ducts

These are NOT “stock photos” these are “the real thing” and they are the result of our cleaning skills. There are 2 sets of “before/after” photos, and they are from 3 DIFFERENT jobs. I show these to emphasize the quality of our work.

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