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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning Irving, TX

Almost every commercial building will have duct work that is mainly hidden and comes in all shapes and sizes. We utilize special equipment to clean these air ducts.

Clean air ducts mean improved air quality. But air quality is not the only concern, as an unclean duct can significantly increase your chances of a fire, especially in a café, restaurant or any other kitchen where grease particles can get accumulated in the duct work. Carbon deposits may get formed in the ducts, which pose additional risks as toxins are known to be released by carbon deposits. In many industries, clean ducts are needed in order for the business to pass health and safety inspections. Having your air ducts cleaned improves airflow efficiency and lowers your HVAC system’s need to work so hard to cool or heat your property too. Instead, you have a system that operates at optimal efficiency and performs in the most cost-effective manner while reducing the consumption of energy.

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Improve Air Quality

Shirley Air, Inc. provides air duct cleaning services to reduce and remove contaminants in your duct systems and enhance the air quality indoors. In addition, our professional duct cleaning will reduce allergens such as dust, dust mites, mold, mildewand smoke residue that circulate through the ventilation system of your commercial property and can worsen asthma or other breathing allergies anyone may have.

We have developed a good understanding of the unique and diverse challenges facing commercial property owners with regards to duct systems in a wide range of industries. This industry-specific knowledge and experience helps us provide our customers with a customized duct cleaning service tailored to their specific industry and site requirements. We have serviced all types of construction sites and building structures and our team has been trained to professionally and efficiently take care of all areas including those hard-to-reach areas. All our employees are fully skilled in cleaning duct systems and always follow safe work procedures.

Expert Service

When our qualified technicians visit your place of business, they will do a complete assessment of any problems in your duct work. This assessment includes if there are any repairs that need to be fixed in the duct work. It also includes if any leaks are found in the air duct system that need to be sealed. They will then discuss any and all issues with you and suggest the best options to resolve the problem. We are proud that we can deliver a complete range of air duct services with minimal disturbance to your daily work routine, providing your employees, tenants and visitors with maximum safety and peace of mind. So, do what you do best, focus on your business and leave the cleaning and repair of your air ducts to the experts.

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