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How’s Your Air? Maintenance with Shirley Air

At Shirley Air, Inc., we make our way all over the Hurst, TX area, helping homeowners to get what they need out of HVAC infrastructure.

Our residential and commercial clients are looking for timely and effective fixes to keep their systems running smoothly. But they’re also looking for key information that will help them to maintain things for the long haul.

Air quality is one key part of this equation. Our technicians aren’t just repair people. They’re also consultants. It’s more common than you’d think to go to a service call and have an in-depth conversation with whoever is in charge of the property about what is needed in the long term. That’s partly because these systems are so important – you really don’t want them to fail! – and partly because proactive maintenance is such a reliable best practice for getting more value out of any piece of real estate (at least one with a building on it!)

Filter Changes and More

Time and time again, when you have a problem with indoor air quality or even regular HVAC operations, it often comes down to evaluating the air filters used in your system.

Taking a look at the air filters can give you key clues as to what’s going on with your forced-air systems. Changing filters also lengthens the life of your systems, so it’s a double benefit and a double value.

However, we know that filters often get neglected, and that’s part of what we help customers with as we evaluate their systems for them season after season. People need reminders! It’s all too easy to let the maintenance period lapse, and then just forget about the system, until you start to see problems.

Airflow and Units

In some cases, an aging unit is not providing efficiency.

In other cases, there are problems with airflow.

When we go to a property, we take care to look at every factor and explain them to our customers, to help them make the right decisions for long-term maintenance and quality of life.

That includes indoor air quality.

If your indoor air quality is noticeably poor, that’s a good reason to call us and talk about whether your HVAC system might be a factor.

Duct Cleaning

There’s also an easy way to enhance your indoor air quality. Our duct cleaning services are thorough and professional, but they don’t take forever, or require you to move everything out of your home.

Duct cleaning can be a big benefit long-term, and we can help evaluate your property to see how that will work logistically. Call us.