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Some Common Problems with Your HVAC Unit and Help from Shirley Air

Are you having problems with your heating and cooling equipment? Call us. Around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we provide top-class repair and maintenance services for these essential home systems.

For example, we often arrive on-site to find that we need to diagnose an outdoor unit that’s responsible for heating or cooling a home. Following these tips will help you to keep your system in good shape, and knowing a little more upfront benefits and empowers you as a homeowner. Our relationships with our best customers are based on this kind of knowledge and collaboration over time.

Keeping it Level

Anytime an outdoor unit settles or tilts or becomes off-level, you run the risk of damaging some of the interior equipment.

Spinning parts like fans may wear more quickly from being off-kilter, and the system’s efficiency can also be compromised. Our technicians sometimes point out that when they are called to fix a system, and sometimes during routine maintenance.

We always look at these systems to determine whether we need to move a slab or otherwise repair a system so that the unit rests on level ground.

Blocked Drains

Another common problem is overgrown vegetation or other intrusions that suffocate a working outdoor unit or block drains. Some of these can develop rapidly! For instance, some kinds of climbing ivy do a remarkable job of devastating a property in only a couple of years if they are left to their own devices. You don’t want this to happen to your property! We’ve seen it first-hand, especially with properties that are abandoned or vacant, where the absentee owner may not have hired a very good maintenance company…

Over time, mother nature is going to take hold of your property. If there is no one out there on an annual basis inspecting the system and making sure it stays free from excessive overgrowth, professionals will likely find a jungle mess around your outdoor unit and need to remediate that.

Debris in an Outdoor Unit

Outdoor units are mostly made to withstand rain, precipitation, and various kinds of debris that waft around outside. With that in mind, there are some situations where items get inside the unit and cause problems. There’s a very simple solution for this one – a unit cover can keep debris from getting inside.

Ask us about what we can do for your HVAC systems. Shirley Air, Inc. is a trusted HVAC service company around DFW. Keep us on speed dial, because we will come when you call.